A series of visual works that takes inspiration from microscopic images of nature. Especially early drawings in this field. Such as Ernst Haeckel.

Micrographia explores the microscopic worlds of nature, taking inspiration from the early scientific and graphic works of people such as Robert Hooke, Ernst Haeckel and Adolf Schmidt. Many of the names given to these images are taken directly from names given to various bacteria or algae. I've also dedicated a series to Haeckel. Apart from being in awe of his artwork, I also found myself presenting these images almost like plates, a means for observing the visual details that ensued from a particular experiment.

Haeckel_I & II above plus the detail image to the right show the first works to come from this process.

Haeckel_VI & Xylem_I use a similar generative algorithm for the underlying visual structure but apply very different data sets for the style application. I'm always surprised by the differences in detail whilst always remaining within a familiar category or class of work. Paramecium, the image below is a completely different algorithm and approach. The aesthetic is radically different yet I'm still drawn in by the organic, microscopic field it evokes.